“The Deputy Ministry of Shipping located in Limassol, the “heart” of the Shipping Industry”

Further to the unanimous approval on 14 July 2017, of the relevant Bill for the creation of a “Deputy Ministry of Shipping” aiming to assist substantially towards the further development of Cyprus Shipping and by extension, the Cyprus Economy, the Council of Ministers have decided today, that the Deputy Ministry of Shipping, as of 1 March 2018, when the new government to be elected in early 2018 will commence work, will be located in Limassol.


The Cyprus Shipping Chamber welcomes this significant decision, as Limassol is the centre of the Shipping Industry in Cyprus and the presence of the Deputy Ministry in Limassol will have a positive effect on both the Deputy Ministry as well as the Shipping Industry.


The Shipping Chamber continues to work closely with the Ministry of Transport and the Department of Merchant Shipping, focusing its attention in preparing all the necessary operational prerequisites, so that the Deputy Ministry of Shipping will be able to operate fully and productively from the first day.

34th Annual General Meeting

34th Annual General Meeting

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