International “Day of the Seafarer”

The International Shipping Community celebrates every year on 25 June the “Day of the Seafarer” set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). This year’s “Day of the Seafarer” campaign is entitled “Seafarers’ Wellbeing”, which aims to highlight and showcase best practices to tackle stress and other issues, making the tools available more widely known and improving therefore the seafarers' wellness.

The “Day of the Seafarer” is an opportunity to recognise and honour the efforts of Seafarers around the world, who play a vital role in world trade and truly contribute in ensuring a stable world economy and society.

As the world commemorates the Day of the Seafarer today, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber expresses its sincere gratitude to the hardworking seafarers who do not only transport cargo but also progress and development. On this day, Seafarers and their families deserve our appreciation and gratitude.

With 55,000 seafarers employed onboard the ships operated by the Member-Companies of the Chamber, the Cyprus Shipping family can only feel indebted and proud of them.

In recognition of the immense contribution of Seafarers, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber organised a promotional campaign, colleting a large number of photos from its Member- Companies of which their employees dressed on this special occasion with an item of blue clothing!

We thank them!