“European Maritime Day" - Cyprus Shipping Industry: Continuous Social and Economic Contribution

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber, as the trade association of the Shipping Industry in Cyprus, on the occasion of the 12th “European Maritime Day”, held its annual Blood Donation Drive amongst the personnel of its Member-Companies, on Monday, 20 May 2019, at the Ygia Polyclinic in Limassol, under the auspices of the Shipping Deputy Minister, Mrs. Natasa Pilides and the Minister of Health, Mr. Constantinos Ioannou, continuing its social service to Cyprus society.

The ongoing contribution of the Shipping Chamber, which, with the voluntary participation of its Member-Companies, has managed to collect over 3000 blood units, a commendable social service that has been honoured by the Blood Coordinating Committee of the Limassol District.

Τhe “European Maritime Day" is celebrated annually throughout the European Union on 20 May, with the main objective to raise awareness and inform the general public about the great opportunities offered by the sea, the challenges faced by the Shipping Industry, the environmental challenges, as well as the promotion of the significant contribution of the Shipping Industry in the economy of the Member States.

This is a celebration that involves the whole of the European Maritime Cluster, since the majority of the Member States, including Cyprus, whether they are coastal or island areas, are directly associated with the element of the sea, for which the resources, the maritime and seafaring professions are of vital importance for prosperity and the quality of life in Europe.

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber welcomes the “European Maritime Day” and continues its active promotion of Shipping as “a Sustainable Development Machine”.