The CSC supports the joint statement by the European maritime stakeholders calling for the earmarking of ETS revenues to the European maritime sector to foster its decarbonisation

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber (CSC) fully supports the joint call by the European maritime stakeholders, namely ECSA, the Advanced Biofuels Coalition, CLECAT, CLIA, ESPO, eFuel Alliance, ENMC, ESC, EWABA, FEPORT, SEA Europe, on the Member States and the European Parliament to earmark the revenues generated from the inclusion of the shipping sector in the EU ETS for the maritime sector.

It is evident that decarbonisation of the maritime sector will only be achieved if revenues are earmarked to lower the price gap with clean fuels, finance R&D and innovation and scale-up and deployment of clean energy and technologies on board and on shore along with the associated investments in shore infrastructure and training, upskilling and reskilling of maritime workers.