Shipping Deputy Ministry marks one year - Our common target: cooperation for further development of Cyprus Shipping

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber welcomes the successful completion of one year since the establishment of the Shipping Deputy Ministry. 1 March 2018, marked a historic day for Cyprus Shipping, since the Deputy Ministry commenced its operation. Since its establishment, the Shipping Deputy Ministry has progressed with regard to its internal restructuring, aiming to make the Cyprus Maritime Administration even more modern, efficient and industry-focused, and thus, even more business friendly to Cyprus-related Shipping companies.

Based on a Study which presented substantial suggestions and recommendations as to how the new Shipping Deputy Ministry should be structured, the Chamber is pleased to see that the new structure of the Deputy Ministry is now fully in force and operational.

With such positive developments, it is clear that the prospects of further development for Shipping are very real indeed and are strengthened further in view of the implementation of the National Shipping Strategy by the Shipping Deputy Ministry in cooperation with the Shipping Industry and the implementation of new supportive measures and flexible mechanisms, which will facilitate the further promotion of Cyprus Shipping, strengthen the competitive advantages of Cyprus, in order to attract additional quality shipowning and shipping related companies in Cyprus and expand the Cyprus registry, resulting to a positive impact on the Economy as well.

With the establishment of the Shipping Deputy Ministry and having the above targeted strategy in place, both the Shipping Industry and stakeholders must focus on further coordination, with aligned objectives and vision, strengthening the representation of Cyprus Shipping in International and European Organisations and promoting common interests for its benefit. The common target of all stakeholders should be the further development of Cyprus Shipping, thus making it ready to respond to the emerging demands of the World Economy and global competition.

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  • 30

    10:30 -13:00
    Four Seasons Hotel
    67/69 Amathountos Avenue Ag.Tychonas, Limassol, 4532


    The Chamber’s 30th Annual General Meeting will take place on 30 May 2019, at the Four Seasons Hotel.

    More information with regard to the organisational arrangements of the afore-mentioned event will be provided by the Secretariat in due course.

  • 31

    09:00 -13:00
    Mediterranean Hotel
    71 Amathus Avenue, 4533 Agios Tychonas, Limassol


    The Chamber is organising an e-Navigation Seminar titled “e-Now: An ocean supply chain” on Friday, 31 May 2019, 09:00-13:00 hours at the Mediterranean Hotel in Limassol.

    The aim of the Seminar is to receive an update on e-navigation developments from various sources and have a discussion with our Members on their questions and concerns on e-navigation.

    In this respect, the Chamber has invited top panelists from across the industry and secured the attendance of representatives from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Europe, International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), Nautical Institute, Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) and others.