Members of EU Parliament for Cyprus and Cyprus Shipping Industry reconfirm their commitment to cooperation

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber held a videoconference on 29 September 2020, with the Members of the European Parliament for Cyprus, within the framework of its close and long-term cooperation with the Cyprus representatives in the various European decision-making institutions.

During the videoconference, Cyprus MEPs were briefed on the latest developments related to the Cyprus, European and International Shipping sector. The President of the Shipping Chamber, Mr. Philippos Philis, referred to the current situation in the Shipping sector, which as he mentioned has been significantly impacted by the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic and to the actions that must be followed to ensure its viability and continue its vital role.

The discussion included the repeated appeals of the Shipping Industry for a solution to the serious issue of facilitating crew changes and repatriation of seafarers with expired contracts and also the need for Shipping to receive the necessary support from the EU Recovery Plan. In addition, among matters discussed were the important environmental challenges facing the Shipping Industry and possible financing mechanisms from the European Union which will fund the development of "green" technologies for Shipping. Finally, reference was made to the ongoing piracy crisis and attacks on merchant ships and seafarers in the Gulf of Guinea, with the aim of informing the European Parliament so that Member States will provide efficient safety measures.

Cyprus MEPs reconfirmed their commitment to continue supporting the Shipping Industry at the European Parliament in relation to the issues discussed, as they recognise the need to maintain the leading position of Cyprus Shipping at a European and International level, in order to be able to continue its important contribution to the Economy and Society of Cyprus.

34th Annual General Meeting

34th Annual General Meeting

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