International “Day of the Seafarer” 25 June 2019

On 25 June the International Shipping Community celebrates annually the “Day of the Seafarer”, which was set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in 2011. The “Day of the Seafarer” is an opportunity to recognise and honour the efforts of Seafarers around the world, who play a vital role in world trade and truly contribute in ensuring a stable world economy and society. This year’s “Day of the Seafarer” theme is entitled “I am on board with gender equality”, giving the opportunity to highlight and promote gender equality in maritime careers and professions. It also highlights women’s significant contribution in a wide range of maritime careers and professions both onboard and ashore.

In view of this Day, the Shipping Chamber co-organised with Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA Cyprus) a dedicated event on 20 June, during which Mrs. Natasha Brown, Media and Communications Officer of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) gave a presentation on the “Seafarers’ Day” Theme. In addition to the event and in recognition of the immense contribution of Seafarers, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber organised a promotional campaign, collecting a large number of photos from its Member- Companies of which their employees dressed on this special occasion with an item of blue clothing.

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber honours this special day and expresses its sincere gratitude to the hardworking seafarers for their invaluable work, which contributes significantly to the progress and development of the economy and society worldwide. On this day, Seafarers and their families deserve our appreciation and gratitude.

With 55,000 seafarers employed onboard the ships operated by the Member-Companies of the Chamber at any time, the Cyprus Shipping family can only feel indebted and proud of them.

We thank them!