CYPRUS SHIPPING INDUSTRY: Continues Servicing and Navigating Cyprus Worldwide

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber has been closely monitoring developments with regard to the COVID-19 outbreak at local and global scale and has been following the advice provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Cyprus Government, acting in a proactive manner.

“We Stay Home - Taking care of our Community”

Following the latest measures of the Cyprus Government for as many companies in Cyprus as possible, to apply “working from home” and feeling the responsibility to continue supporting the Government’s efforts, to prevent as much as possible a wider spread of the COVID-19, the Chamber has taken steps to ensure the safety of our people and the Cyprus community by closing temporarily our offices and apply “working from home”, since last week.

The Member-companies of the Chamber have been contributing to this effort as well, applying “working from home” where possible and complying with the Government’s measures, both onshore and onboard, while continuing their high standard and reliable operations, thus supporting tangibly with providing vital supplies to the Cyprus Society, during these challenging times.

“We Stay Connected – Transporting 90% of Global Trade”

The International Chamber of Shipping recently stated: “As the COVID-19 pandemic takes hold, it is important for the world’s governments to fully understand that around 90% of global trade is transported by commercial shipping, which moves the world’s food, energy and raw materials, as well as manufactured goods and components – including vital medical supplies and many products sold in supermarkets, items that are necessary (due to complex supply chains) for the preservation of many jobs in manufacturing – without which modern society simply cannot function.

In this time of global crisis, it is more important than ever to keep supply chains open and maritime trade and transport moving. In particular, this means keeping the world’s ports open for calls by visiting commercial ships, and facilitating crew changes and the movement of ships’ crews with as few obstacles as possible.”

“We Stay Positive - Keep Navigating Cyprus worldwide”

The Shipping Chamber’s priority is the safety of the people while doing whatever is necessary to support the Industry’s crucial role for a better common future. During these critical times, we stand by the side of Cyprus, “We stay positive and safe. We keep Navigating Cyprus Worldwide”.

34th Annual General Meeting

34th Annual General Meeting

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