“Congratulating the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry for its 90th Anniversary”

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber is sending warm regards and congratulations to the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) for completing its 90th anniversary.

The CCCI being a respectable social partner in Cyprus and with its 90 years of important presence and contribution to the business activities of this country, has become an invaluable asset in the development of the professional community and consequently, to the economy.

Taking this opportunity, the Shipping Chamber wishes the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, having as an important milestone its 90th anniversary, to pursue its multidimensional work and growth with the same passion and success, in line with its objectives, such as the creation of a Deputy Ministry of Development and Competitiveness, which will play a catalytic role in Cyprus economic growth, and will increase the competitiveness in the business sector. In addition, the Shipping Chamber would like to express its respect for the successful course of CCCI and to wish the same success for the future.