ECSA welcomes European Commission’s new Mobility Strategy and underlines competitiveness of the industry as prerequisite to achieving the goals

December 10,2020

ECSA welcomes European Commission’s new Mobility Strategy and underlines competitiveness of the industry as prerequisite to achieving the goals Welcoming the new Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy published today by the European Commission, ECSA, underlines the importance of maintaining and improving the competitiveness of the sector as the prerequisite to attaining the ambitions set in […]

Chamber’s President addresses EU’s Emission Trading System in Shipping in a constructive Debate

December 08,2020

With the European Commission announcing earlier this year an increased climate target for 2030 and aiming to extend the EU’s Emission Trading System (EU ETS) to the shipping sector, the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry organised a Virtual Debate entitled “ETS in Shipping: Elixir or Threat to Sustainability?”, on 7 December 2020, together with the Ministry […]

CSC join forces with global business network MACN for a corruption free Maritime Industry

December 04,2020

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber and the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN), signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC), on 16 November 2020, with the aim to collaborate on the eradication of corruption in the maritime sector and to safeguard a fair and sustainable maritime operating environment. The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN), was established in 2011, by a […]

UN Resolution recognising seafarers, “Unsung Heroes of the Sea” Need to be included in priority vaccination categories

December 03,2020

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber welcomes with satisfaction the adoption of the Resolution entitled “International cooperation to address challenges faced by seafarers as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic to support global supply chains”, by the United Nations General Assembly, on 1 December 2020. The Resolution calls for all Governments to immediately designate seafarers as key […]

Members of EU Parliament for Cyprus and Cyprus Shipping Industry reconfirm their commitment to cooperation

September 29,2020

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber held a videoconference on 29 September 2020, with the Members of the European Parliament for Cyprus, within the framework of its close and long-term cooperation with the Cyprus representatives in the various European decision-making institutions. During the videoconference, Cyprus MEPs were briefed on the latest developments related to the Cyprus, European […]

WORLD MARITIME DAY 2020 – “Sustainable Shipping for a Sustainable Planet”

September 24,2020

Every year, at the end of September the International Shipping Community celebrates the “World Maritime Day”, which has been established and celebrated by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). This celebration aims to turn global attention on the importance role of the Shipping Industry, which carries about 90% of world trade and its vital contribution to […]

Επανεκλογή Κυπριακού Ναυτιλιακού Επιμελητηρίου στο ΔΣ του Διεθνούς Ναυτιλιακού Επιμελητηρίου

September 16,2020

Το Κυπριακό Ναυτιλιακό Επιμελητήριο συμμετείχε στην Ετήσια Γενική Συνέλευσή του Διεθνούς Ναυτιλιακού Επιμελητηρίου που πραγματοποιήθηκε διαδικτυακά, στις 15 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020, εκπροσωπώντας την Κυπριακή Ναυτιλιακή Βιομηχανία για ακόμα μια φορά μεταξύ μεγάλου αριθμού εθνικών οργανισμών πλοιοκτητών από ολόκληρο τον κόσμο. Ο κ. Θέμης Παπαδόπουλος, αμέσως προηγούμενος Πρόεδρος του Κυπριακού Ναυτιλιακού Επιμελητηρίου και Μέλος του Διοικητικού του […]

International “Day of the Seafarer” 25 June 2020

June 25,2020

On 25 June the International Shipping Community celebrates annually the “Day of the Seafarer”, which was set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in 2011. The “Day of the Seafarer” is an opportunity to recognise and honour the efforts of Seafarers around the world, who play a vital role in world trade and truly contribute […]

Καλωσορίζει το Νέο Υφυπουργό Ναυτιλίας

June 24,2020

Το Κυπριακό Ναυτιλιακό Επιμελητήριο, καλωσορίζει τον διορισμό του νέου Υφυπουργού Ναυτιλίας παρά τω Προέδρω, κ. Βασίλη Δημητριάδη, που ανακοινώθηκε σήμερα στις 24 Ιουνίου 2020, από τον Πρόεδρο της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας. Το Ναυτιλιακό Επιμελητήριο εκφράζει τις θερμές του ευχές για κάθε επιτυχία στον κ. Δημητριάδη και την ετοιμότητα και ένθερμη πρόθεσή του για πλήρη συνεργασία, με […]

Governments’ delays on crew changes bring distress to Shipowners and Seafarers

June 15,2020

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber expresses its deep disappointment that, despite repeated appeals and proposals from the International Shipping Industry, there is a delay from Governments around the world in finding practical solutions to the very serious issue of crew changes and repatriation of seafarers with expired contracts, in many cases beyond three months, bringing seafarers […]