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Dear Guest,
On behalf of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, I welcome you to our 34th Annual General Meeting.
2022 brought a gradual return to normal life and operations after a prolonged period of uncertainty and uneven global economic performance due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The shipping sector remained as one of the most important contributors of the global and Cyprus economy and continued transferring 90% of world trade and supplying both the majority of businesses and humanity with vital goods and raw materials in this critical period, both at a European and a global level.
In 2022, the shipping industry was also impacted by the effects of the war in Ukraine, that has caused new disruption to global supply chains.
As always, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber has remained very active in working closely with the Government here and with the relevant international bodies abroad, primarily at the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA), in order to safeguard our Members’ interests, promote our policies and contribute to the global shipping agenda.
While shipping continues to be a strong performer for the Cyprus economy, modernisation and upgrading are key to maintaining and improving its prospects. The creation of a ‘One-Stop Shipping Centre’ and the establishment of the Shipping Company with Limited Liability, as well as the ongoing digitalisation process, is expected to further improve the competitiveness of both the flag and the country as shipping destinations.
In order to carry out its work, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber depends on the continuous support of its Member-Companies, and on a continuing cooperation with all our partners in the public and private sector, to which I wish to express our deep gratitude.
Finally, in this dedicated AGM webpage you can find an electronic copy of our Chamber’s Annual Report for the year 2022, that describes in detail all the activities that took place during the past year, with information on where we wish to take Cyprus shipping in the future and how we can work collectively to get there. We look forward to continuing on the path towards the further success of Cyprus shipping together with each one of you.
Thank you for joining us today.
Themis Papadopoulos
President, Cyprus Shipping Chamber

Kindly find here below the AGM Handouts in electronic format

Annual General Meeting Programme



- Board of Directors Announcement

- Annual Report by the President

- To receive and consider the Report of the Board of Directors and the Income and Expenditure Account of the Chamber for the year ended on 31st December 2022, with the Auditors’ Report thereon and the Chamber’s Budget for 2023

- Appointment and Remuneration of the Auditors

-Any Other Business


Address by H.E. Mr. Nikos Christodoulides

President of the Republic of Cyprus


Address by H.E. Mrs. Annita Demetriou

President of the House of Representatives


Address by Mr. Guy Platten

Secretary General, International Chamber of Shipping


Address by Mr. Themis Papadopoulos

President, Cyprus Shipping Chamber



2022 Annual Report of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber

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