26 Years Social Contribution from the Cyprus Shipping Industry to the community

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber, as part of its continuous socio-economic and philanthropic contribution, held its annual blood donation drive on 19 December 2018 at “Ygia” Polyclinic Private Hospital in Limassol, during which a large number of employees of its Member-companies participated.

The Blood Donation drive is one of the various social functions organised by the Chamber almost since its establishment, remaining consistent to its Corporate Social Responsibility, proving the social sensitivity and contribution of the Cyprus Shipping Industry to fellow humans in need.

The Shipping Chamber has been organising the Blood Donation twice a year, for the past 26 years, contributing in total 3000 blood units, a commendable social service that has been honoured by the Blood Coordinating Committee of the Limassol District.

Finally, the Chamber expresses its appreciation to its Member-companies for their valuable contribution over the years, as well as to the personnel of the Polyclinic for their significant support.