Cyprus Shipping Chamber Official Dinner "A night dedicated to the Shipping Industry"

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber’s “Official Dinner” has been established as the annual tradition of social communication between high-level Political and Governmental representatives and the Cyprus Shipping Industry. The Dinner was hosted for this year on Friday, 9 March 2018, at the Hilton Park Hotel, in Nicosia with great success.

H.E. the President of the Republic of Cyprus, the President of the House of Representatives, Ministers, the Shipping Under-Secretary, as well as Political Parties leaders/representatives, Members of Parliament, foreign Diplomats, Senior Government Officials, professional organisations and associations representatives, as well as top management personnel of the Cyprus Shipping Industry, attended the Dinner. 

In his address, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, made special reference to the importance of this annual tradition which has been established by the Shipping Chamber, through which, the social relations between the representatives, of the Cyprus Shipping Industry on the one hand, and Government, State and business officials on the other, are further tightened. He also conveyed his personal assurances that the Government will continue to provide its full support and cooperation to the Shipping Chamber in the efforts to further enhance Cyprus Shipping, as well as his appreciation for the Chamber’s invaluable contribution to Cyprus Shipping.

Following, the President of the Shipping Chamber, Mr. Themis Papadopoulos, thanked the Government, the Cyprus Maritime Administration, and the Political Parties for their support and collaboration over the years. Then he welcomed on board and expressed his sincere congratulations to the newly appointed Shipping Undersecretary Mrs. Pilides and the Chamber’s willingness and determination to cooperate fully, aiming at a smooth and even more efficient transition of the Cyprus Shipping to a new era of development and progress.

Inspired by the International Women’s Day which was celebrated on 8 March, the evening’s theme was “Sea – Ship – Shipping is a She” giving therefore a scent of a woman to the evening. As mentioned during the opening address, the Shipping Industry and the Ship depends on “Her”, the Sea and on ”Her”, the Woman working passionately either on shore or on board. Roving around the female nature of these words, the evening’s theme aimed to act as a tribute to the Shipping Industry in Cyprus and to highlight the important contribution as well as the role of women in the Shipping Industry, by changing the perception of male-dominated.