Following the recent election of the new Board of Directors, it is customary to dissolve the Chamber’s Committees/Sub-Committees/Working Groups and re-establish them by inviting Members to nominate representatives on same.

Due to the ever-increasing participation of the Chamber both on the national and the international shipping front, the need for our internal Committees to be sufficiently and adequately manned, becomes even more imperative. These Committees meet on a “when-needed” basis and members are expected to study various documents in advance, upon which, discussions are held during the meetings, in order to establish the Chamber’s positions on the matters in question.

The Chamber’s current Committees Structure is as follows:


Examines labour affairs matters related to Shipping on a National, European and International level. The Committee is expected to follow up international labour matters, such as the work at the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Labour Affairs Committee of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the Social Affairs Committee and Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee of the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA).


The Law Committee will follow up Shipping related legal issues and relevant legislation of both Cyprus, the EU and internationally, such as for example, the Cyprus “Tonnage Tax” Law, as well as any possible changes that might be effected in the future.


The Finance Committee will concentrate on financially related matters, such as analyzing and implementing the findings of the recent Study commissioned by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works on the formulation of a “National Shipping Strategy” to enhance Cyprus Shipping infrastructure even more.

The Finance Committee also supervises the work of the:

a) Commercial/Chartering Sub-Committee

Considers commercial and chartering matters particularly the formation of different shipping related documents, such as BIMCO related forms. The Sub-Committee allows the Chamber to keep up-to-date in the area of Commercial Operations and Chartering, as well as address any problems that might exist today in these fields of Shipping, both in Cyprus and abroad.

b) Marine Insurance Working Group

The Working Group was set up in order for the Chamber to cover the area of Marine Insurance, through the work of the ICS Insurance Committee, as well as address any problems that might exist today in these fields of Shipping, both in Cyprus and abroad.


Deals with issues affecting seafarers' training, certification and recruitment, both at national and international level. The Committee is expected to follow up international and EU manning and training regulations and requirements, by following the work of the ICS Manning and Training Committee. (Such as STCW related matters)


Considers the Chamber’s policy on various technical issues affecting the ship. At international level, the Committee will follow the discussions at the ICS Marine Committee and at EU level the work of the ECSA Safety and Environment Committee, which concentrate on the important work of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) and the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC).

It also, supervises the work of the:

a) Safety and Quality Sub-Committee

Deals with various safety and quality issues as well as analyses the collection of statistics on accidents onboard ships managed by Chamber’s Members.

b) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sub-Committee

Examines various IT and Communication matters affecting the ship and the shipping companies. Special focus is given on the developments in Satellite Communications for effective and efficient ship-to-shore communications.

c) Oil & Gas Working Group

Deals with the discussion and preparation of positions on technical, operational and environmental issues relating to the transportation of Oil & Gas, as well as issues relating to infrastructure developments, future exploitation and transportation of Oil & Gas from Cyprus.

d) E-Navigation Working Group

Follows e-Navigation developments globally and makes specific recommendations towards the promotion of e-Navigation to the Shipping Industry through the development, demonstration and dissemination of innovative e-navigational services.


Considers matters concerning passenger / cruise ships and Cyprus Ports. The Committee focuses mainly on the how to further develop the Cruise sector in Cyprus, and in co-operation with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) and the Cyprus Ports Authority (CPA) to promote Cyprus as a Cruise Centre.


Deals with Chamber's business and social functions, makes recommendations and assists the Secretariat on the organisation and execution of these events and deals with internal Member-relations matters.

The Committee supervises the work of:

a) CSC Events & PR Activities Working Group

Deals with the promotion of the Chamber in Cyprus, through a number of activities and Chamber Events.

b) Educational Activities Working Group

Aims to promote working at Shipping Companies and/or at sea and the sound employment opportunities that exist in the Shipping Industry to schools and universities in Cyprus.


This is a newly established Committee, which will operate as a special platform so as to identify possible new Member Companies both in Cyprus and abroad. It will also be tasked to come up with practical suggestions as to how the Chamber can be further developed.

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